Safety at work

Your Business and the lone worker app

You've spent a great deal of time learning how to become the best carpenter you can be. You've earned the right to be called a craftsman and your name is now out in the local marketplace as something customers can come to depend on for quality. When you work, you work hard and you often find yourself alone in some situations with no help. This is where the lone worker app can come in handy and possibly save your life someday.

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Keep Yourself Safe

Whether you work in remote areas or perhaps areas that are questionable in terms of safety, you need to have peace of mind knowing that someone has your back. The lone worker app will be your electronic bodyguard by providing you with second set of eyes that will keep you safe. It's a simple app you can download and install on your mobile phone and it can be customized as you see fit. It can be used as a quick alarm system if the worker hits the SOS button. It can be used to provide safety monitoring, keeping the worker informed of any nearby threats or movements. It can be tracked and monitored by a home service that can be dispatched quickly if needed.

Keep your workers safe

If you've brought in additional help and have a journeyman on staff that you need to also keep safe, then the lone worker app is the best affordable solution for your business. As carpenters need to inspect and work on structures and projects in precarious places, you can provide peace of mind to your staff by providing them with the lone worker app. This could be used as an attractive benefit for any journeyman carpenter, if he knows he'll be cared for and you'll be able to monitor his safety from a distance, then he'll be more likely to come work for you.

Simple and Affordable

The lone worker app can be downloaded to any supported mobile phone and it can be easily programmed to call home or the home base in case of emergencies. It can be setup to require that the worker check in and it can be setup to provide geo location and remote monitoring. Its very lightweight and simple to download and program and for the price it can be a great solution to any carpentry business. The costs of subscription and maintenance are much less than hiring additional staff to provide similar security services.

How does it work?

The lone worker app is a simple mobile app that you can download to your supported mobile phone and it simply just works. It uses SMS as well as IVR (or interactive voice response) both of which are lightweight protocols, and it and even uses email to communicate with the home office. You can setup your own home office or have the app monitored by a professional staff, removing you from the administration and monitoring, but increasing the costs at the same time. It's well-supported and can be optimized based on your needs.