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Insulated Concrete Form Building Systems

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A Whole New Way To Build

If you are building a new home and looking for a stronger and safer and superior way to build it. If you are concerned with Comfort, Energy Savings and Protecting the Environment, then look no further, use an Insulated Concrete Form (I.C.F) Building System as your next Building Envelope.

I.C.F. Systems as a whole-house building material is not a new concept. But with literally hundreds of innovations finding their way into I.C.F. building systems over the past decade, I.C.F. building systems has gained new attention as an attractive, versatile contemporary building product.

Almost all the new insulated concrete form building systems include combinations of concrete, steel, polystyrene and natural additives. Expanded polystyrene has become a popular material for forming concrete because it is light, highly insulative, easy to handle and doesn’t have to be stripped form the finished structure.

I.C.F. Building systems are ideal for people with allergies because there is almost zero filtration from the outside and concrete has fewer toxins than some other building products used in traditional building.

All interior and exterior applications that are applied to conventional homes can be applied to I.C.F. homes for example drywall, plaster, siding, stucco, brick veneer, etc.

For, Gilles Michaud Construction Ltd., I.C.F. Building Systems is another custom home building specialty we can market to our clients.