Custom Built Homes

In House Drafting/Blueprint Service

Gilles Michaud Construction offers an “IN HOUSE’ DRAFTING/BLUEPRINT SERVICE FOR ITS CLIENTS. The advantages of the client working directly with the builder regarding design are numerous. The client can benefit from the builder’s “ON SITE” experience regarding room sizes, window sizes, various finishing details, both interior and exterior and the special construction features that the builder has had personal experience with. In addition, as a design develops, information can be given regarding costs associated with various features so that the client can proceed with a good understanding of what the final costs will be. In spite of the speed with which a computer is able to produce and change drawings, relativity still takes time. The process for developing and producing a final set of building plans can often take a period of 4 to 6 weeks or more from the original meet – so plan ahead.

Like all other software, many improvements in the residential design program have been made since the original. Today’s version is able to generate perspective drawings to allow the client to view their home in 3D from any angle and show them accurate style, sizing and placement of windows and doors. Or, move to the interior for a 3D view of the kitchen or bathroom layout. Also, today’s version allows you to furnish your home with all the necessary appliances and furniture allowing you to see the actual size of each room completely furnished. Hence, should a room appear too small once furnished, the plans can be revised to allow appropriate sizing to accommodate your requirements accordingly. With so much information and ability to visualize the home before a shovel goes in the ground, the client is much less likely to be surprised at a stage in construction when changes often cannot be made.

Gilles Michaud Construction has several residential plans that you can choose from and also encourages you to bring in your plan. The fact that 90% of the custom homes built are designed by Gilles is a reflection of how well Gilles is able to understand what a client wants in a home and then translate that into a plan.

Gilles Michaud Construction is pleased to work with you to customize one of their plans to create a new plan that incorporates your ideas into your dream home. Gilles Michaud Construction will work with you until it is a true reflection of what you need and want in your home. Through the use of our Computer Assisted Design (CAD) system, you’ll be able to see how your ideas modify the plan you’re customizing.

Computerized drafting is advancing in the building industry and Gilles Michaud Construction is committed to stay at the leading edge of this technology to provide its clients the best of its advantages.