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Healthy Housing

The Five Essentials of Healthy Housing
The link between homes and the environment has become quite important to Canadians and the reason is very simple. It comes out of our growing concern for the environment, and our own health. The notion of "Healthy Housing" is a natural extension of that concern especially in Canada, where it is estimated that 90 percent of our time is spent indoors. Healthy Housing means housing that is healthy for the community, healthy for the environment and. ultimately, healthy for our planet. From the outside a Healthy House doesn't look all that different from any other house, It's what's going on behind the scenes that's important. A Healthy House can be new or renovated, but it emphasizes five key elements.
  • High efficiency ventilation system to ensure superior indoor air quality
  • Low emission paints to reduce vapours
  • Hardwood and tile floors which are easier to clean
  • Cabinetry and shelving from special products that do not emit formaldehyde and other vapours
  • Storage rooms ventilated to exterior
  • High efficiency hot water heating system to reduce fuel consumption
  • Increased insulation levels in walls and attic
  • High efficiency windows and doors
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Energy efficient lighting like compact fluorescents
  • Generous windows to reduce lighting costs
  • Low flow toilets and plumbing fixtures to conserve water
  • Efficient use of building materials to reduce construction waste
  • Extensive use of recycled building materials
  • Use of rapid growing woods like spruce and maple
  • Locally produced materials to support local economy
  • Recycling of old building materials
  • Recycling center in the kitchen
  • Exterior composter
  • Better use of site by increasing occupant density
  • Use of building products that require lower energy to manufacture
  • Home office to reduce vehicle usage
  • Use of products that are readily available at reasonable cost
  • Flexible design will reduce future renovation costs
  • Low maintenance, long lasting materials and finishes
  • High indoor air quality for better occupant health and lower health care costs
  • Energy efficiency means lower heating and electricity costs